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Laura practises as a Chartered Physiotherapist from Spire Norwich Hospital.

For an appointment with Laura here, call 01603 255587 (note, Laura is on maternity leave from Spire until late Summer/early Autumn 2020).


I have been seeing Laura over the last six weeks to help me with chronic back pain and headaches relating to my scoliosis. My headaches have been fairly frequent and extreme for a decade and my back pain almost continuous. Laura closely observed my movements and how they were affected by my scoliosis and recommended very specific ways to improve both my movement and my pain levels, through strengthening exercises and the use of props. She also used acupuncture which I have found to be extraordinarily helpful. The relief I experienced from this was instantaneous and the effects have lasted longer with each subsequent treatment. I am now largely pain free, much more mobile and feel so much more energetic as a consequence. Thank you, Laura!


Before I met Laura, I’d struggled for nearly two years trying to find a physiotherapist with the knowledge to help with my scoliosis. From the very first session it was clear that Laura’s knowledge of scoliosis was better than anyone I’d worked with previously. With a simple and clear approach I was soon moving and feeling better than I had for a long time, and most importantly pain free! I can’t thank Laura enough for her help and I will be recommending Laura to everyone I know.


Laura is an excellent Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist. At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine and underwent major surgery to correct the curvature. Following on from this I lost all movement in my right shoulder and this had a major impact on my life.  At the age of 14 I was recommended to Laura and after regular visits for Physiotherapy and Acupuncture, as well as an excellent exercise  routine  that I could do at home, gradually I was able to move again. My visits to Laura are now far less. I am now 18, fully mobile and about to embark on a career as a nurse, which without Laura this would not of been possible. Thank you Laura for your kindness, patience, perseverance  and giving me the ability to become fully mobile once again.